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Joshua Silverman has ghostwritten three books. Most ghostwriting projects he takes on are confidential and his name is not mentioned in the work.

But first, what is a ghostwriter? A ghostwriter is a person whose job it is to write material for someone else who is the named author. Now that we’ve cleared that up, if you’ve got a story in mind, or a character, how much exactly does hiring a ghostwriter cost?

There are a few factors:

· What do you want written?

· What is your deadline?

· How long is the piece?

· How much do you value the quality of the writing?

The cost to hire a ghostwriter fluctuates, but, you get what you pay for!

I have been to and done work on websites such as Upwork and Elance and, when you’re paying a penny-a-word, you’ll get a penny-a-word quality. Nobody is going to give you personal attention, although they say they will because you’re paying them below the federal standard minimum wage.

As a professional author, I can write about 750 words an hour. The great Stephen King writes 1,500 words a day according to his book, On Writing. Anne Rice, the prolific author of The Vampire Chronicles and Mayfair Witches, writes approximately 4,000 words a day according to her verified Facebook page.

Ghostwriters can be divided into three main categories: cheap, mid-range professional, and celebrity writers.

  • Cheap Writers can be found on websites like Upwork and Elance and can write a 100 page book for as little as a penny a word. Breaking that down , because they aren’t better than Stephen King or Anne Rice (otherwise they would not be on Elance or Upwork), a page is approximately 300 words . Therefore , if you want a 100 page book , that would equal approximately 30,000 words. If they write at a pace of 1000 words per hour it would take them 30 writing hours to complete your 100 page manuscript. At a penny a word , that would cost you $300 and meant that they were making $10 an hour, the Californian minimum wage where I live. So if you are a gambler (or are seeking an unpublished , untested student writer) this may be your option.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Please be careful that he or she is actually writing your book and not plagiarizing another writers work because they are being paid to do so little, the incentive to cheat is high.

  • Professional Writers will usually charge between $12000 and $90000 to write a 100 – 300 page book. This price varies depending on the writers’ level of expertise and the amount of work required for the project.
  • High -end celebrity writers are usually hired by actors, politicians , musicians and other famous personalities who will sell books just by virtue of their name. The writers for these celebrities are well established authors with a lot of experience. They can charge $150,000 to $750,000 for a book. Sometimes more.

Most people recognize that they would like a mid range professional writer.

It’s a reasonable budget range for most people.

A lot of time, energy and hard work goes into writing a book. An excellent professional writer will often spend up to a year researching, writing and editing a book for you.  If you are paying a fraction of the usual price, you often get a fraction of the quality. 

Why don’t you send me a short description on what you want done and we can discuss it in more details?
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