I woke up Friday morning with a kick in my step because I was heading to San Diego for ConDor 2013: Journeys in Science Fiction and Fantasy. I honestly didn’t know what to expect as this was to be my smallest show to date, but the weekend turned out to be amazing. It was a great chance to meet a lot of interesting fans, hear their stories, and share in their passion for Egyptian mythology and sci-fi/fantasy.

Friday started slowly, I think primarily because it was a workday and people didn’t want to use a vacation day or play hooky to come to the show. But at the Town & Country Resort, the vendors still had fun. During the tempdor5_t500x281slow times, vendors generally mingle and network among themselves (though there are a few who like to bury their head in a book or do work—draw/write). This gave me the awesome opportunity to meet Henry Herz, author of the children’s fantasy book Nimpentoad, as well as Valerie Frankel who writes about girls transforming into goddesses in mythology and modern literature. Valarie and I had an awesome chat about the similarities and cross-cultural mythologies of the ancient Sumerians, Greeks, and Egyptians. I also had a chance to meet James Morris, a young author who’s writing the Sky Bound Trilogy, a series of books about the Earth being split into three kingdoms, those that live below the ocean, those that live on the ground, and those that live in the sky.

After the show on Friday, I did my normal thing (get a quick workout in and grab dinner), then settled in for a fun evening of writing in my hotel room (work never stops!). I got down about 2,000 words for book three in my Legends of Amun Ra series and hit the sack, exhausted from a great day of networking.

Saturday and Sunday were by far the most eventful days. The showroom floor was packed with an amazing display of Victorian/Steampunk cosplayers (I’d never seen so many Steampunk cosplayers at once—I’m used to the more comic/anime type).


I was involved in lengthy chats about costume design, hat choices, gadget choices, and the quality of fabrics on some of these outstanding bustles and corsets the women were wearing. I even got a minute to take a few snaps of some Sand People cosplayers from Star Wars. Meanwhile, the table next to me had a FILK singer who was singing acapella with some of her customers and longtime fans.

The fans themselves were great—always willing to stop and chat with me about the intricate nature of the Egyptian gods and goddesses or the mythologies surrounding their favorite stories.


All in all, ConDor 2013 was a great show and I’ll be glad to attend again next year.

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