Joshua Silverman is the author of Legends of Amun Ra

Legends of Amun Ra is a series of seven “main” books with a unique blend of spirituality, mythology, fantasy, science-fiction, and history.
The seven books detail the steps, in Egyptian mythology, to enlightenment, a spiritual process which the soul transforms.

In a contextual way, each book in the series highlights two spiritual themes in Egyptian mythology:
(1) The elements of the universe
(2) The principles which embody the “enlightened” person


The Emerald Tablet is the first book in The Legend of Amun Ra seven book series.
Buried beneath the Egyptian sands lies a relic from a society whose knowledge has been lost to Earth for over 5,000 years.
It lies in wait for the boy who will use it to save a distant world.

Follow Leoros, a 13 year-old boy who dreams of being like the heroes in the comic books he reads, as he fights to unlock the secrets of the universe. Go with Atlantia, a 14 year-old girl whose mysterious powers grow stronger as she discovers her destiny. When the darkness comes, do you stand and fight or do you run and hide?


The Soul of the World is the second book in the Legend of Amun Ra series.
Moving into a more in-depth look at the characters and each of the individual paths, the second book of the series focus on grief and guilt and how the characters deal with the tragedies that befell them in The Emerald Tablet.
The Brotherhood of the Black Rose rises to bring Thoth into disorder. And, while the Brotherhood reclaims their power, chaos reigns among the survivors. Dio and Axios struggle to piece together a resistance worthy to challenge the ancient magic…but when the Book of Breathings is discovered, the path to immortality is revealed.



Thea is the daughter of a farmer. She is content until she makes a terrible mistake, one that not only endangers her life but exposes her origins. Trained in war, Thea fights through blood and fire, war and peace, to discover the truth. She will face a desperate struggle which will remake the known world of Potara, influencing the next 6,000 years.

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